GAA – See Gross Average Audience.

Geosynchronous Orbit – An orbital path above the earth where satellites can travel at earth's speed of rotation so that it appears to be stationary in relation to a fixed position on earth.

Grade A and B Contours – Areas in a television station's coverage pattern where the transmission signals should have specific levels of strength, according to FCC requirements.

Graphic Interchange Format (GIF) – A patented type of graphics file common on the Internet.

Grandfather – An allowance for older businesses to continue operating for a time under conditions that were permitted at the time these businesses were subject to other regulations.

Grazing – The act of constantly flipping through TV channels, watching several shows at once, brought on by the ease of remote-control units and the wider viewing selection that cable TV offers.

Gross Audience – The total number of households or individuals in a television audience viewing for two or more time periods within a schedule of spots or programs without regard to duplication. For example, an individual is counted twice in gross audience if he/she appears in the audience of two of the spots or programs within the schedule.

Gross Average Audience (GAA) Rating – The sum of the percent of households or persons tuning or viewing during the average minute of each telecast of the program, including repeat telecasts during the report interval. Duplicated tuning and viewing to the same program (or its repeat telecast) by the same household during the report period is counted each time.

Gross Impressions – The sum of audiences, in terms of people or households viewing, where there is exposure to the same commercial or program on multiple occasions. Two gross impressions could mean the same person was in the audience on two occasions or that two different people had been exposed only once.

Gross Rating Point (GRP) – A unit of measurement of audience size. It is used to measure the exposure to one or more programs or commercials, without regard to multiple exposures of the same advertising to individuals. One GRP = 1% of TV households.

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