Rapid Response - Rapid Response is an interactive reporting tool from Nielsen Monitor-Plus that provides immediate access to over six years of competitive U.S. advertising data for all 16 media categories. Broad summaries of advertising data, such as how much was spent for any time period, are available.  By using the straightforward “drill down” feature, more specific information - down to the station or title level - is only a few clicks away. More about Rapid Response on our Monitor-Plus site

Rate Card – A price list showing rates charged for commercial time.

Rating – Estimated percentage of the universe of TV households (or other specified group) tuned to a program at once. Ratings are expressed as a percent.

Ratings Point – A value equal to one percent (one rating) of a population or universe.

Reach – (1) In media ratings, the unduplicated number of individuals or households exposed to an advertising medium at least once during the average week for a reported time period.  It is interchangeable with Cumulative Audience and Net Reach. (2) In internet usage, Reach is the percentage of U.S. Internet users that have accessed the Web content of a specific site or property.

Real Audio/Video – A product that works in conjunction with some Internet browsers to enable the user to listen or view live or pre-recorded content in real time.

Regional Network – Group of broadcast stations interconnected for carriage of programs of regional interest, usually sports events.

Reliability – The degree to which a research sample result conforms with the result that would be obtained if a complete census were taken.

Repeaters – Low powered, localized transmitters which automatically pick up the signal of a parent broadcast station and retransmit the amplified signal on the same channel. Used in remote geographical regions.

Rep Firm – A station representative company that sells time on local stations ("spot time") or cable systems to national advertisers. Such firms are sales agents for large rosters of local stations that otherwise would have no affordable access to national or regional advertisers.

Report on Syndicated Programs (ROSP) – A Nielsen Media Research quarterly report that provides audience profiles, competition and lead-in programs for syndicated programs.

Reruns – Programs repeated sometime after their original presentation.

Residuals – Fees paid to performers and other creative talent for subsequent exposures of their filmed or video programs or commercials.

Resolution – Measure of a TV picture's detail. Horizontal lines of resolution are counted across the TV screen (in a test pattern), and vertical lines of resolution are counted from top to bottom.

Response Rate – In sample research, a calculation of the percentage of initially designated sample units providing a response in a given survey. It may be calculated by dividing the number of pre-designated units (households or persons) in a survey that provide usable information by the total number of pre-designated units. Reflects the ratio of the final in-tab sample among pre-designated units to the total pre-designated sample.

Retransmission Consent Rule - FCC rules under which cable operators and other multichannel video programming distributors may not retransmit the signal of a commercial TV or radio broadcaster (with certain exceptions such as certain superstations) without written consent from the broadcaster. The broadcaster's entire signal must be retransmitted.

Run of Schedule (ROS) – An advertising term that refers to a commercial scheduled at the discretion of a station or cable system to run anywhere in the schedule.

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